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What We Do


Free To Be All I Can Be is a coaching program that has successfully helped people achieve their goals and dreams. Personal coaching designed to help increase your self-awareness and knowledge of the keys to success. This step helps the coaching process and simplifies - what at the time can seem like overwhelming or confusing obstacles in your way, including lack of self-esteem, negative thinking patterns, relationship dramas and financial constraints.


Below is a list of each of the step we will explore. You may choose to work all these steps or simply choose the one which you feel are highest important. Completing all the steps or just a few will help you make life decisions that are right for you and increase your insight into your future.


I.         Life Goals/Life Purpose

II.        Passion

II.        Break free of the tribe and the expectations of others

IV.       Life Values

V.        The Power of thoughts, words, and actions

VI.       Courage

VII.      From the inside out

VIII.     Effective daily habits

IX.       Focus

X.        Building and maintaining high self-esteem and confidence

XI.       Desire versus Need/Fear

XII.      Commitment to action

Practice Areas
  • Coaching

  • Business Development

  • Consulting

  • ​Leadership

  • Goal Orientation

  • Change Management

  • Community Advocacy

  • Weight Management

  • HR Training

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